Best All In One Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit Art DIY at Home Salon


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  • Beautiful 9 colors nail extension gel.
  • High-quality material made by GLAMADOR Store.
  • Saving your time and money for a nail salon.
  • Wonderful your own nail salon at home.
  • This nail get kit can be using your wife, girlfriend, mother, or friends.
  • Anyone can use nail extension with simple and easy.


Beautiful 9 Colors Nail Builder Gel Nail Enhancement Kit

Start your wonderful nail trips. You can create Differents ornate and beautiful nails or other popular-trendy nail art designs for yourself or your friends.

Best Top 4 Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit

Below are the best top 4 beautiful nail extension gel to make you stylish. Every woman wants to look beautiful and fashionable. These nail extension kits help to save time and money. Anyone can use it at home with easy steps.

1. The color of the temperature is changing

Special: It will show clear color when cool and white when hot.

2. Beautiful 9 color nail gel

There are 5 types of pure color and 4 types of temperature-changing poly nail polish gel. There are more options for keeping beautiful nails.

3.A beautiful gift

There is cute emoji packaging, it is the perfect gift idea for specific holidays: birthday gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, Christmas gifts, wedding gifts, Mother’s Day gifts.

All In One Poly Extension Gel Nail Gift Kit

Gel extensions are the most popular and favorite way to get long and strong nails nowadays. Although each length and shape gives you many possibilities in the nail section, sometimes the goal is to add length, durable tips to the end of each nail, or provide maximum space in general for nail art and polish. Only when it comes to working.

In addition to being a healthy option for nail lovers, applying gel nail extensions is easy and quick. They come in a kit with a variety of gel tips in different sizes and widths, so you can decide which gel nail tip is right for your own nails. You can cut and shape them if you want, while they come in different shapes, squares, rounds, or stilettos.

Is Extension Gel Nail safe?

Most nail enhancers present the question of safety – and this technique is no different. Edwards explains that any increase in nails is associated with risk, especially if a defective application or improper removal is involved.

“When you put anything on your nail, there is a risk of damaging its firmness.” She says. It’s also important to find an experienced professional with excellent reviews ranging from lash extensions to beauty enhancers to bleaching your hair.

If you can’t do this, it is important to invest in the right equipment and follow the instructions at home. Then there is the importance of control: take a gel break to allow your nails to rest and grow, and always follow the advice of your nail professionals.


1. Strong and long nails

2. Light nail tips.

3. Easy and quick removal process.

4. Safe and healthy than Ry Crylic nails.


1. Nails can become weak over time.

2. Cannot work well on very small nails.


This article tries to explain in detail a Poly Extension Gel Nail. GLAMADOR introduces a beautiful nail extension to save your time and money. Please read the manual before using it and leave it safe.


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